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  • Some of my lights aren't the right color. Help!
    If some of your lights are producing the wrong color, but others are responding to the app correctly, this is a bad bulb. Simply take a photo of the bad bulbs, and send it to your installer, or fill out the contact form below.
  • I'm seeing wires showing... is that supposed to happen?
    We hide all the wires, but it's possible one came loose. If you haven't seen that wire before, but it's visible now, please take a picture and send it to your installer for a service call, or fill out the contact form below.
  • All of my lights are blue. What's happening?
    If all of your lights are blue this indicates a faulty wire connection. Please reach out to your installer for a service call. If some of your lights are blue, or any other color that's not correct, but the other lights are responding to the app correctly, this is a bad bulb. Simply take a photo of the bad bulbs, and send it to your installer, or fill out the contact form below.
  • None of my lights are working!
    Open the app and see if any devices pop up. If not, 1. Check the breaker for that outlet. 2. Check to make sure the outlet is working. If it is a GFI outlet, reset the outlet itself. 3. Refresh the app and see if any device pops up. If doing those doesn't change anything, please contact your installer for a service call, or fill out the contact form below.
  • My system is not responding and seems frozen.
    If your system is frozen or not responding, try these 3 options. Option #1 SOFT REBOOT: Perform a soft reboot by disconnecting the power from the unit for 30 seconds before reconnecting the power. This can be done by either (A) Unplugging the system in full from the wall outlet and replacing the plug in the outlet after 30 seconds or (B) you can squeeze the GREEN terminal labeled VCC-GND and pulling it away from the controller for 30 seconds and then re-inserting it back into the controller. Once one of these actions has been performed, allow the system to boot up which may take several minutes, and try again. Option #2 NETWORK RECONNECT: Ensure the light on the controller is still set to the proper connection that was previously set up on your system. If you were using the Trimlight signal to connect, the light should be blue and labeled “Wifi Broadcasting”. If the system was previously connected to the local wifi network, the light should be Green where it is labeled “Network Connected”. If either of these are not correct based on your previous setup, quickly click the STA/AP button until the light returns to the correct setting. Manually running the system through the BLUE light (Wifi Broadcasting) mode is a temporary fix for operating if the controller is not finding the system through the network. Option #3 FACTORY RESET: The factory reset is best done by a technician to ensure all steps are completed. Contact your installer for a service call by a technician, or fill out the contact form below.
  • My Trimlight Edge controller says it's offline; how do I fix this?
    If your Trimlight controller says it's offline, it could either be a WiFi, or power issue. Open the control box, and look for any of the indicator lights on the controller to whether the power is correctly working on the controller. If there are no lights on the unit, check to ensure proper power is going to the outlet in which the Trimlight system is plugged into. If there is power at the outlet but the lights are still not illuminated, contact your installer for a service call by a technician. If the lights on the unit are illuminated, reset your Wi-Fi router and modem, and restart your Trimlight Edge App to refresh the software. If this does not work, try adding the device again to your network in the same manner you originally added the controller to your network. If this final step does not work, contact your installer for a service call by a technician.
  • My lights aren't turning off. What do I do?
    Open up your Trimlight Edge App and go to the settings page. Put it in timer mode, reopen the app and switch it to timer mode, then exit.
  • I changed my WiFi provider and now my lights won't work.
    This is simply that the controller needs to be connected to your new WiFi. Please call your installer, or fill out the contact form below, and we'll help you get it reconnected.
  • Can you see the bulbs during the day?
    Trimlight’s patented channel system is designed to match the color of the roofline, blending in seamlessly to hide the wires from view. The channel locks the lights securely in place and when the lights are turned off, they are hardly noticeable during the day.
  • Are the colors customizable?
    Yes, using the Trimlight Edge app that comes with your system, there are over 16 million color variations, and each bulb can be changed individually as well. Also, the app allows you to type in the exact RGB code for any color you can imagine!
  • How does your warranty work?
    Trimlight provides an industry leading lifetime product warranty. This warranty covers any components of the Trimlight system for the life of those components. There is no need to register for the warranty. Once we install the system on your home, it's under warranty. When used properly the components in the Trimlight system should last 20 to 30 years. If the system is left on 24 hours per day this greatly diminishes the lifetime of the product.
  • Are they HOA Approved?
    We have found Trimlight is widely accepted by most HOAs once a meeting has been established with committee leaders to show how the Trimlight system works; that it is hidden during the day, programmable for specific holidays and there are assurances that any repairs or maintenance issues will be resolved in a timely manner.
  • How much electricity do they use?
    Trimlight uses exclusive LED technology which is extremely energy efficient. Each diode uses .6 watts of power which means most homes Trimlight systems use less energy than 1-2 light bulbs. Trimlight uses 1/10 the energy of incandescent lights and lasts 10 times longer.
  • Does the Trimlight app work with both Apple and Android?
    Absolutely! The trimlight app is designed to work with any iphone or android device. The app will also work with most Mac computer systems since they are app driven.
  • What happens if a light goes out?
    Trimlight comes with a lifetime product warranty. If a light goes out, simply reach out to your installer and we'll send a technician to replace it.
  • How long will Trimlight last?
    Trimlight bulbs are rated for 55K hours, which on average means it'll last around 30 years (assuming it is only used during nighttime hours = 5 hours per night). If they are constantly left on day and night, it will significantly reduce the lifetime of the lights. Trimlight comes with a Lifetime Product Warranty.
  • Can I turn them on/off while away from home?
    Yes! With Trimlight’s user friendly app, you can control them anywhere you have your phone! You can also pre-program your lights to turn on and shut off on specific days and times. This allows you to set up any lighting schedule you want so you don’t have to worry about it while you are away on business or vacation. You can also set your system up to specific dates and patterns for holidays, sporting events or any special occasions months in advance. With Trimlight, you can set it and forget it.
  • If I move, can I take the Trimlight system with me?
    Trimlight is designed to be a permanent fixture on the home and the channel is specifically ordered to match the color, style and footage of your existing home, so no, it would not meet the criteria to be utilized on another structure.
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